The Cost of College Tuition

The cost of college tuition is ridiculous and to make matters worse, it’s rising every year. Debt is the only option when you’re trying to go to college, unless you settle for community college. Getting ready for a 4-year college means that you’re getting ready for a lifetime of college loans. Even though it might […]

Spotlight on St. Francis College

St. Francis College is a private four year college located in the Brooklyn Heights section of Brooklyn, minutes away from Manhattan. Recently it has been rated as one of the best baccalaureate colleges in the North and named by to its America’s Best College list. Students who attend St. Francis College have the option […]

So You Are Starting Law School?

You finally received your bachelor degree, applied to different law schools, got accepted to one of the law schools, and are now trying to figure out how you are going to afford law school tuition. Believe it or not, but this should not be your main concern. You look at your classes online or through […]