We always hear exciting travel stories with friends. With less time spent with families and more time focused on work or rather spent socializing with friends, it is nice to plan a trip with family, parents in particular, for a change.

You can still have a grand time just the same when going on adventures with friends. Though traveling with parents, especially folks of more advanced years, requires a slower pace, it doesn’t mean that fun and excitement are out of your itinerary. Here are some ideas to serve as reminders as well when going on a trip with your mom and dad:

Plan a suitable itinerary

Save your bungee jumping and kayaking plans with your friends or siblings. Remember, your parents brought you to this world and raised you…so it is an obvious fact that they are much older. Their energy is not at the same level as yours, so plan activities that are well-suited to their physical capabilities.

Be considerate enough not to have tiring activities. As much as possible, make your trip relaxing and enjoyable. Simple sight-seeing or group tours can work well for your folks. They should be taking their sweet time, not running breathlessly from one place to another. A hectic schedule is for today’s generation. Don’t punish your parents with modern days’ insanity.

Make rest a priority

That’s why you guys are on a trip, right? Unless your parents are accompanying you to your business trip and escorting you to your never-ending appointments and meetings, this trip equals real vacation. No stress and no worries.

It’s nice to see as many places as possible, but remember, your parents are not the young couple they used to be. Older people get tired more easily and they require more rest. Don’t ignore signs of fatigue. You wouldn’t want them to be sick or too tired to enjoy their trip. Make sure that your day ends early enough for them. If you wish to go clubbing, plan on your own. Your parents need to be at the hotel resting at least after dinner time.

Don’t forget their medications

This is crucial, especially if you’re traveling overseas. Bring their doctor’s prescriptions and keep a list of the medicines they need to take. Monitor their schedule and ensure that they take their meds on time.

For those suffering from diabetes, asthma and hypertension, accurate dosage and right time are important to follow. Remind your parents about their medicines, and be thoughtful to help them especially if they need to take some medications in the middle of the night.

Eat right

It doesn’t mean that because you’re on vacation you will disregard proper diet. For you, perhaps it is acceptable. Who wouldn’t want to satisfy cravings for specialty desserts or spend the day slurping fruit shakes? But with your parents, especially if they have chronic ailments that entail careful selection of foods, eating right is very important. Avoid ordering dishes that are high in salt, sugar and oil. Make your parents’ vacation fun and healthy!

Pack your First-Aid kit

If there’s one thing you should prepare first, it’s your first-aid kit. Bring necessary materials like gauze, ointments, band-aids, bandage, adhesive tape, thermometer, and antiseptic wipes for any unforeseen events that would need such things. It’s better to be prepared than be in a panic mode when something unfortunate happens. In this case, you will also be saving some dough if you have your own medical supplies.

Have emergency numbers on hand

This is also true for your parents. All of you should have copies of emergency contact numbers of the place you are visiting such as the hospital ER, police or rescue hotline, and even of the taxi service. Include too the number of your embassy when traveling abroad. You can put your parents’ minds at ease when they’re aware that you know where to ask for assistance for any eventualities.

Have fun!

This doesn’t need much explaining. With all the reminders you have to bear in mind, having fun is one of them. Make the trip with your parents a memorable time for all of you. Savor each moment and enjoy your time with them. You may not be doing the usual things you do on vacation, but wouldn’t it be nice too to go slow this time, and smell the roses? And wouldn’t it be so sweet to take care of your parents’ needs even away from home?

Take lots of pictures and give an album of your trip to your parents when you get home. They will surely appreciate it.