We’ve all heard the theory that a lot of pets look like their owners. Now more than ever this can be attained – through animal plastic surgery! Yes, our society is becoming so obsessed with appearances that apparently even pets can’t be allowed to look like “a dog” anymore. Maybe you’ve had a few things “done” and now your pet’s look just can’t keep up. Make an appointment with the local pet plastic surgeon for a little surgical makeover for your furry friend.

A Brazilian surgeon who specializes in animal plastic surgery has a special way to justify his pet practice. Dr. Edgado Brito says that the animal’s health comes first but that if the owner thinks that their pet is attractive they will have a better relationship. “Good symmetry is very important. All that is not symmetric we don’t like.” Excuse me, but who said everything has to match perfectly? It’s nice when things look balanced, but what’s unbalanced is this out of control need for absolute perfection in ourselves and now our pets. I thought one of the great things about having a pet was their unconditional love. They love us and respond to us no matter what we look like, can’t we return the favor? Isn’t it possible to have a good relationship with someone, or some animal, who is less than perfect? Is it possible that only the world’s most beautiful people and animals can be truly happy? Judging from the news headlines I would have to say no.

It’s true that the reason most animals undergo plastic surgery is health related. A lot of breeds have skin fold problems or other malformed body parts that can cause chronic infection. Many who own purebreds or show dogs wouldn’t want their pets to have any cosmetic changes made because it would change the look of the breed. In fact the American Kennel club forbids any appearance altering surgeries for show dogs, unless it’s something that is breed related, such as ear or tail cropping. Yet Dr. Brito admits he performed a mammary tightening operation (boob job) on a couple of dogs after they gave birth because the owners wanted to show them. I wonder if the other dogs whispered behind their backs, catty sotto voice, “You just know they’re fake, I mean really, she just gave birth like, what, a month ago? I know my nipples dragged the floor for at least two months.”

There are cases where pets have had liposuction, tummy tucks, botox injections, and more. Some pet owners have given their neutered dogs testicle implants. One man said that he did it because, “It’s my issue. I wanted him to be whole in my mind, and that was the decision I was going to make.” It sounds to me like he would have benefited more by spending that money for a few hours on the psychiatrist’s couch. But at least his dog still has some balls to lick.

Animals cannot consent to cosmetic surgery. They give us all of their love and in return we should give them some consideration. It’s one thing when our pets need a surgical procedure, but it’s another when we inflict unnecessary pain and risk on them for the sake of their appearance. Every surgery can have bad side effects and there is always the risk of complications and even death. I suppose if someone is wealthy and crazy enough to put their pet through plastic surgery than there’s no law against it – yet. I just think Fido would be happier with an extra walk every day, a few hugs, and a big juicy steak every once in a while. Animals are much happier with love than liposuction.