I would have never normally purchased this razor. I, like so many other woman, HATE shaving. Because of the ultra fine hair I have, I don’t have to shave often. But you know yourself, every once in a while the need does arise where you either feel like shaving or you are going to a “doctors” appointment and just have to shave.

I ran my first 5k this past June in Hartford, CT. It was the Susan G. Komen race for the Cure. My running partner and I got there early and they literally threw products at us! Several days after the run I sifted through my bag and found a Schick Intuition package that had some extra cartridges in it.. I of course tossed it aside because I had shaved before the run! It was probably a week later that I finally looked at it.

I opened the box and inspected it. The first thing I noticed was the soap attached to the top. It peaked my interest and I removed everything from the package and placed it all near the tub so I could use it the next time I took a shower. I grabbed the razor and began shaving. Amazingly the 3 blades did well with my fine hair and I was shocked that it worked so well. The razor is a little gimmicky and I thought that the soap part that surrounded the razors would not work at all.

I was so pleased with the results. I did not cut myself, did not mess with any kind of gel or shaving cream and it worked so well, making a very soft lather as I shaved away. I was so pleased with how it worked that I told everyone I came in contact with. Very few times have I come across a product such as this that honestly thrills me.

I have looked in the store and the price set me back a step because one of those packs of $2 disposable razors could last me months. Quickly I remembered how wonderful that razor was and I realized that once in a while you do find something like that which you will spend money on!

When looking into the Schick Intuition I found out that they are a supporter of the Starlight Starbright Children’s foundation. This is a wonderful non-profit organization who brightens the lives of seriously ill children and their families providing in-hospital and out patient programs to enhance their ability to cope with the stress of the illness. Schick was a huge supporter for the Komen race and I thought that was wonderful.

So, not only is this the best razor that I have ever used, they support the same kind of programs that I do. If you have never used one of these razors before, look for a coupon on line and then go pick one up! I assure you, you won’t be disappointed in it and it will take some of the stress out of shaving if your like me and HATE to shave!