Advertising has evolved in the past ten or twenty years. There is a new medium in town, and it’s the internet. With just one video, millions of people worldwide can suddenly know of your business overnight. Many businesses have bought into this ideal, and have taken their advertising online. Facebook is just one of the many ways that a business can advertise online, and here are the top ten small businesses that also have a Facebook fan page.


Many of Blendtec’s fans will likely be a fan due to the ‘Will it Blend?’ series. Easily found on Youtube, these videos demonstrate the power of Blendtec blenders by blending various objects, such as iPod touches, glowsticks, and golfballs.


Folgers has benefited from its great online advertising along with advertising on other mediums. With this, it has made a large Facebook fan base.

Orbit Gum

Orbit has established itself as a ‘big’ gum company, largely due to its great advertising. Now it has a big fan base on Facebook, and that allows it to expand even further.

DieHard Batteries

The smallest business on this list, DieHard Batteries may just have a future in itself due to its online advertising. Its viral advertising has gotten on their feet; now they are attempting to use their Facebook fans to grow bigger.

Old Spice

Who hasn’t seen the viral advertisement series from Old Spice? That alone has built up a strong fan base for Old Spice on Facebook, and is a company that is continually growing.

Hell Pizza

Hell Pizza has launched its Facebook fan page with its own online advertisement. Now, it’s not any regular advertisement, it’s actually more of an interactive game. You choose you own adventure of delivering a pizza in a zombie-ridden world, quite a clever way of getting a message across. Since then, its fan base has grown, and is certainly one restaurant to keep an eye on.


Steam is one of the premier game clients on the market, and has developed its fan base through its availability of games. It is continually growing, largely due to its large influx of new games.


Mafia Wars? Zynga Poker? Farmville? If you’ve been on Facebook at all, then you would’ve surely received an invitation to play a Facebook game, one that is likely developed by Zynga. Zynga has then used advertising and paid perks to fund its growing business.


There are several game developers on Facebook, and one of the more successful ones is indeed Playfish. They have made several interactive games on Facebook that has made their fan page a popular one.


The creator of many addictive Facebook games, HitGrab operates much like that of Zynga and Playfish. It has developed its fan base steadily through these games, such as Mousehunt, and has generated revenue through advertising and paid perks.

Many businesses today have a fan page on Facebook. Why? It’s just another free way to get the word out about your business. It’s a growing trend, and the businesses listed above have gotten the idea as well.